Human gene expression database across ages and brain regions

The human brain transcriptome database contains genome-wide RNA expression data in various regions of 57 post-mortem human brains collected from “clinically unremarkable” donors across the lifespan.

It is very easy to search for the expression patterns of a particular gene, and the output is easily interpreted. As an example, here are the results of a search for DRD2 across different brain regions:

NCX: neocortex; HIP = hippocampus; AMY = amygdala; STR = striatum; MD = mediodorsal nucleus thalamus; CBC = cerebellar cortex; accessed from

The expression of DRD2 increases in the striatum during development and remains high throughout adulthood, consistent with its associations with striatal function.


Kang HJ, et al. 2011 Spatio-temporal transcriptome of the human brain. doi:10.1038/nature10523.